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Jumaat, 10 April 2009

Sikap Peribadi "Qhaud"

Assalamualaikum wtb...

Hello semua...Selamat Pagi..apa khabar,hope korang semua sihat-sihat belaka.Hari ni aku online pagi coz boring etek,tak tahu nak buat apa,so aku on9 dan tengok blog-blog.Masa aku bukak blog MrManager (Mr.vERN),aku terkejut dengan laporang yang dibuat oleh Mr,vERN tentang Qhaud.About : "Mengalah".

Aku ni jenis slow translate BI to BM so,aku kena cari kamus dulu untuk cari meaning apa yang mr.Vern tulis about this.Apa-apa pun,korang leh tengok kenyataan yang aku kata tadi kat bawah tu...

Apa-apa pun thanks Mr.Vernon coz tulis pasal Qhaud dan hope Mr.Vern dapat amik Qhaud sebagai artis jagaannya cam Nikki,dan Nubhan......

Okey...aku chow dulu.....da.......see you next time..

Blog dari Mr.Manager (mr.Vernon) :


Dear Gentle Reader,

If you are Malay or speak the Malay language proficiently, then there is no need for me to explain the meaning of the word 'mengalah'. The closest English equivalent would be 'to concede' or 'to defer'.

Look at the above face carefully. Take your time. Linger over the exuberance in his expression. The joy and excitement. The hope of things to come and dreams fulfilled. I even detect a hint of sadness in the eyes.

Fans of Qhaud would have noticed a very subtle behavioural pattern of his that may go unseen by many in the diaries. Every time a teacher or guest asks for volunteers, Qhaud would quickly raise his hand to volunteer. But almost immediately, he would drop his arm when he notices that Aril or Akim has also volunteered. Have you noticed this, Qhaud fans?

It is a joy to see the boy enthusiastically raise his hand with a brimming smile hoping to be picked by the teacher or guest. And then a sudden jab of sadness when you see him quickly remove it when he sees other students volunteering too. Mengalah. Qhaud does that a lot.

Why? Is it because he feels inferior? Or is he just a polite, well mannered gentleman? Why does he give way all the time and choose to shy and melt away into the background? I don't know. Maybe you know.

But what I do know is that Qhaud lives at home with his two other brothers. His mother has re-married and lives with her new family. She only visits Qhaud and his brothers at the weekends. During the week, his elder brother's chore is to do the laundry, Qhaud's duty is to cook lunch and dinner, and his younger brother's to keep the house clean.

This quiet, humble, and unassuming boy called Qhaud often goes unnoticed. Do him a favour. Notice him the next time he appears on diary or goes on stage. Look beyond the surface. This is a boy who would make a very good, hardworking and professional artiste if given the chance.

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  1. qhaud sederhana yet berkarisma...remind me of faisal & mawi (obviously?)...would love to join his fan club or whatsoever...anyway bro, thanx cos share this info here! :-)


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